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10 Sutras by Sadhguru to follow during Lock-down, Learn to Be, Read the Death Book

We are the carriers for the virus. Well, this is the problem, but it is also a great advantage because we are human beings. Right now, we have to make up our minds, are we human beings or are we human creatures? Sadhguru of Isha Foundation has given 10 Sutras to follow during Lock down.

 #1 Strong Thought to Show Gratitude

As a nation, I think we lack the ability to acknowledge people when they deserve it. Unfortunately, we think everything can be fixed by criticism. This has to go. We have to acknowledge the wonderful things that many human beings do.

When taking a bus, how many people even look at the driver and the conductor and say, “Thank you,” or at least do Namaskaram? This is simply missing in most people. In the past, we were a culture where for every small thing that we received, we always bowed down to each other, but unfortunately this has gone away. Right now, medical professionals, security agencies and various other people who manage essential services are risking their own lives and the lives of their families. Because they work in a hospital and they go home, they may be taking death home. When they are doing such a service, it is terrible if we do not acknowledge them.

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