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Learn with Sri Sri Ravishankar to Flip the boredom with Meditation

People often get bored too soon. These days people are tired of being inside the same four walls or being with the same people or of eating the same dish! How to break the pattern of boredom in life? Sri Sri has answers-

When the mind is stuck in a repetitive pattern, boredom sets in. Our intellect rejects repetitions and struggles to break the monotony. A person of active and sharp intellect gets bored faster than one with a dull intellect.

When boredom sets in life, it drags down your whole energy. It leads to inertia. When you get bored, nothing appeals to you and you get into frustration, anger and even into depression. A bored person not only feels apathy himself or herself but also spreads it to everyone around. Would you like to spend time in the company of a bored person?

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