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Coronil criticism is more politics, less about clinical trials?

New Delhi. Baba Ramdev’s Corona-kit is launched and so are the controversies. Everyone has his own agenda. Daily O‘s Kamlesh Singh puts it in right perspective : Coronil criticism is more politics, less about clinical trials. He writes, Let’s get this straight. There is no cure, no vaccine, nothing on the horizon yet for Covid-19, the Chinese gift that keeps giving nightmares to the world that has literally stopped in its tracks. The novel coronavirus is on a killing spree. Pharma companies, scientists, virology experts are working overtime because the first to market will also make a killing as half the world will take the medicine and everyone will want the vaccine. It was amid this clamour that Baba Ramdev threw his saffron gauntlet into the ring. The hullabaloo that ensued was natural, as the herbal concoction by Ramdev’s Patanjali. He became the first to claim an effective medicine to blunt the coronavirus. The claim was called spurious and declared dangerous. Because people had doubts.

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