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If you’ve been affected by corona cutbacks, we have good news

COVID-19 has prompted job losses and serious pay cuts worldwide: an estimated 2.7 billion employees are now out of work according to the International Labour Organisation.

But despite the high unemployment rate, some industries, in fact, are hiring eagerly due to staff shortages. As for high-demand sectors, they include e-commerce, IT, logistics, sales, medical and insurance industries.

Tech sectors are seeking professionals, who can help companies operate online. These jobs include software engineering, cloud infrastructure, cyber security, business intelligence and data analytics as well as digital product development and management (user interface and user experience (UI/UX) and product managers).

Finance sectors are looking for credit controllers and for financial planning and analysis to advance and help companies in financial decisions. Medical service providers are also very high in demand, including nurses, doctors and consultants.

Your job search starts here:

If you’re looking to get a job in the creative industries, The-Dots  and The Business of Fashion’s career page are a great place to start. Good luck! You’ve got this.

Source: Grazia Middle East

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