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Do You Know, ‘Corona’ Is In Gujarat Since 2015?

The dangerous coronavirus has already taken many lives across the globe and it is a matter of worry for the people. The deadly contagious virus took its birth in Wuhan of China and has spread its wings to other countries as well. The situation across the world is so scary and it is very difficult to imagine the post-coronavirus world.

The word ‘Corona’ itself creates panic among the people, isn’t it? Yes. But, in Gujarat, Corona had arrived as early as in 2015. Isn’t it shocking? Yes. But, the Corona that we are talking about is not the same virus that has turned out to be global pandemic now. This ‘Corona’ is actually a hotel, where people visit to enjoy delicious meals during their journey. On the border of Banaskantha, Gujarat, one can see the Corona Hotel. People travelling on the Jodhpur-Pali highway will come across this hotel.

Barkat Bhai, a resident of Siddhpur in North Gujarat is the owner of the hotel and it was started in 2015. Barkat, speaking to a news channel said that he was looking for a name when he started the hotel. He thought of Corona and the meaning of it is ‘Galaxy’ in Urdu. He further added that before coronavirus, people used to see the hotel just like any other but now, they are stopping in front of the hotel and taking photos.

Source: Sakshi Post

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