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Kiran Kumar shares tips as ‘Mr Corona’ is out of his system: ‘Social distancing is necessary, not social boycotting’

Days after it came to light that he had been diagnosed as Covid-19 positive, veteran actor Kiran Kumar tested negative for the third time earlier this week. He has now said that people should maintain social distancing from patients, and not boycott them.

Speaking with Bombay Times in an interview, Kiran said, “Mr Corona is out my system”. He added, “Social distancing is necessary to beat coronavirus, not social boycotting. It’s not a crime if someone tests positive for COVID-19. Haan corona ko chhupana jurm hai and it’s also wrong to behave badly with those who are going out of their way and working to provide essential services. If a neighbour is infected and in self-isolation, you should stand by them. Imagine the plight of senior citizens who live alone, just in case they have to self-isolate, how will they manage?”

He also urged people to share food in disposable packaging for patients. “At some point in the future, things will get better, and the person who you stand by today will always have gratitude and love for you. We have to fight coronavirus with positivity and compassion,” he added.

He also advised people to stay safe and added, ”Coronavirus is here to stay. Ab ilaaj nahi hai toh iski dehshat bahut hai (because there is no cure, people are scared) and hence, people are scared. Ghabrane ki zaroorat nahi hai (you need not panic). Be careful and make sure you don’t transmit Mr Corona to somebody else. I was in self-isolation for 14 days and even now, after testing negative, I am very careful. Just because of a few symptoms, you don’t need to rush to a hospital because we are running short of beds, ventilators and healthcare workers.” He also asked people to avoid rushing to hospitals as it may result in shortage of beds in hospitals for the needy, adding that we need to think “what is best for our country and be more compassionate”.

Kiran had earlier said that he was doing his own work during self-quarantine. “I told my wife to buy disposable utensils for me to eat in. My food would be prepared and kept on the staircase. I’d pick it up myself, eat and dispose off the plates, ensuring zero contact. I also made my own bed and cleaned the room,” he said.

About being infected with the virus, Kiran had earlier told IANS, “Corona felt like a looming, distant and scary phantom that we took every precaution to avoid and even then it found a way to enter what we thought was a completely sanitised space. Yet, here we are, dealing with it, and getting on with our lives.”

Source : Hindustan Times

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