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‘Is corona virus weakening? When will vaccine for coronavirus come in India?’, netizens ask Google

‘Is corona virus weakening?’, ‘When (will) vaccine for coronavirus (come) in India?’ and ‘Will the coronavirus ever end?’ were among the top COVID-19 related questions on Google in India in the month of June, even as the overall search volume for coronavirus declined as compared to May, according to Google search trends.

Netizens also sought answers to questions like ‘Which mask is best for coronavirus?’, ‘How did New Zealand defeat coronavirus?’, ‘How many days symptoms of coronavirus?’ and ‘How many deaths from coronavirus in all world?’, the data showed.

Coronavirus-centric searches in June dropped 66 percent from May, but volumes remained more than double that of February, it added.

The top trending coronavirus searches were ‘coronavirus news’ and ‘vaccine for coronavirus latest update’.

“‘Patanjali corona medicine’, ‘Global vaccine summit’ and ‘Dexamethasone’ were all breakout vaccine-related searches in June,” Google said.

The state/union territory with the highest search interest for coronavirus in June was Goa, followed by Delhi and Chandigarh.

The late actor Sushant Singh Rajput emerged as the top trending topic in the country in June. Interest for Rajput spiked sharply on June 14 to reach an all-time high nationally.

Other overall trending topics included the solar eclipse and Father’s Day.

Source: Money Control

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