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What a Global ‘Corona Diaries’ Project Reveals About Education During the Pandemic

A project released this month hopes to capture audio diaries from around the world of life during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a sampling of these human stories shows how much disruptions in education are changing daily life.

The audio project is called Corona Diaries, and it consists of a simple but elegant website that invites visitors to record a short audio clip answering one of three prompts: How was your day? How has your life changed? What’s troubling you right now?

The site is still in beta, but already they’ve had more than 60 people from eight countries contribute powerful and intimate moments.

Even though people could talk about any aspect of their lives during COVID-19, a large percentage of the clips come from either parents struggling to homeschool their kids while schools are closed, or educators trying to make sense of this time.

Source : Ed Surge

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