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China Shadow On World After Corona

American call the corona virus a Wuhan or China virus. China says it was planted by USA military. The world knows that the virus first showed up in Wuhan prefecture of Hubei province in China. From their it was carried to Japan, Korea, middle east., Australia, South America, Europe and USA. Today practically the whole world including India is affected by it. What began from the wet market in Wuhan has become a pandemic.

Countries are battling corona with different degrees of control and success. China, meanwhile has quickly reopened Wuhan and is moving towards normalcy, though there is fear of a second wave. It is retesting all those who were inflicted with corona by abundant caution. It has jump started its economy and is already exporting drones and equipment to other countries to help them fight corona. It is also scouting Europe to buy significant companies in deep stress. While it swoops to conquer global economy, the major European countries and USA are facing deathly horror in droves, and their economy is sliding into deep recession which may be similar to the Great Depression of 1930.

Questions are being asked about what the post corona environment would be. It may be premature to be definitive about how any country would emerge and what route it will take to restore economic health and where it will stand in the global balance. But globally the balance will definitely shift toward Asia and perhaps China would be the front runner. China’s headstart and relative better situation in Japan, Korea and India is a clear pointer. America will remain a power to reckon but its prestige and power will suffer a relative decline. Europe will tilt more towards China – Russia combine. Differences between Europe and USA would widen. All in all there would be a clear shift in the global balance of power.

We in India need to quickly control the spread. Depending on how soon we tackle the corona, India would begin its economic recovery. Given its size, youthful population, and domestic market it would be able to spring back. Of course that is the hope. But this imperative must be gripped by the Government and all the people. It is only by unity and full play of democracy that the battle against Corona and the Resurrection post corona would be won. Peoples participation and heed to criticism, even if extreme, is essential. Constitutional thrust and dynamics of Corona make it compelling. Neither the critics should turn sceptics or there should be a designed propensity to brand the critics anti national. The State must lead the battle taking all along in this national battle.

We need to keep a keen eye on the future global scenario and ensure that corona war here is not prolonged. The longer the problem persists greater will be the economic setback. Already unemployment has grown tremendously and large number of businesses are in serious stress. Stress in the agriculture sector has also grown considerably. Let us not therefore persuade ourselves to breach stay home policy and lock down. Let us not beat up the doctors and nurses. Without them we cannot win. So they should not be harassed. Equally the state needs to provide all necessary protective gear and protection to the medical team. The protection of the medical team is of utmost significance and no stone should be left unturned to ensure their safety.

Economic experts, including Niti Ayog and advisors of the government must think about the future economic restructuring in India. The economic wing must swing into action now. The Government needs to have a blue print ready now. Let there be a stitch in time. Else we will be caught napping and ill prepared. There lies an opportunity and let it not slip.

Source : Live Law

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